About Me

About Me

I'm just a girl with a love of YA books.  I also write sometimes.  I love Pride and Prejudice (hence the name). I'm totally into sci-fi and fantasy and fairy tale retellings, but I do read fiction as well.  I prefer my books have some kind of romance in them.  I heart all things Cinderella.

I will be mainly reviewing young adult novels (though I also like to read classics.. sometimes).  In my reviews I will seriously try to avoid giving away spoilers. Sorry, you can't do your homework here.

I am a scientist, and I work full-time in a lab. Lab-coat and everything.

I'm very prone to typos. I apologize. This blog is a work in progress. More pages/reviews to come.

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You can get in touch with me at christinathebookreader (at) gmail dot com

Please see my Review Policy before sending me a review request.

I also just re-set-up my old twitter account from back in the day.  Find me @CRTermini or find me on Instagram


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