Monthly Giveaway Rules

The monthly giveaway is something new I'm trying here at Books & Prejudice.  During each giveaway, I will quote one of my favorite first lines from a book.  There are only two rules for every giveaway.

1) You must follow my blog.

2) You must answer correctly which book the quoted first line is from.

Aside from that, you may be anywhere in the world depending on the giveaway.  Some of them will be pre-orders or orders from Book Depository, in which case they will be international.  Others will be ARCs that I currently own, in which case the giveaway will be North America only.

There will usually be additional ways to enter as well.

No giveaway accounts.  No private accounts so I can actually trace them.  You know, standard giveaway mumbo jumbo.

And with that, here is the current giveaway:  June Giveaway. This month, there are two giveaways. One is for international only, and the other is for US only! So go enter!!

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