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As of May 25, 2018, Blogger is compliant with GDPR regulations. Books & Prejudice blog collects personal information such as name and email address when leaving comments or entering giveaways. This information is shared and/or with Blogger, Disqus, and Rafflecopter, only. For more on how information is stored, please visit Blogger, Disqus, and Rafflecopter.

This website also uses Google Analytics, and as such, information for demographics, such as age, country, etc may be stored. This information is not shared beyond Google Analytics. Please refer to Google Analytics for more information.

Email address/username is collected through Disqus to allow me to view, manage, and return comments. See Disqus for more information.

Email address and IP address is collected through Rafflecopter to manage and track giveaway entries. See Rafflecopter for more information.

Bloglovin' collects email address to help track blog followers. See Bloglovin' fr more information.

Google and Blogger collect email address to help track followers. You may follow privately if you wish, so that Google does not share this information with me. For more information, see Google and Blogger.

Feedburner collects email addresses to send blog updates and track followers. If you no longer wish to send emails, please hit the unsubscribe button or manage in your Feedburner page. For more information, visit Google Feedburner.

Sending a request requires you to email me directly. As such, I may store your email address so I can respond.

Any question or concerns, please email me at christinathebookreader (at) gmail (dot) com.

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