Friday, November 4, 2016

#ReadIndie Sign-Ups are Open

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I promised you guys a sign-up post this week. So here we go!

Welcome to the first ever #ReadIndie challenge! This event was created to promote indie authors who we think are amazing! What is this challenge, you ask? #ReadIndie is a two week time span in December during which we will only be reviewing and promoting indie titles. My co-host for this event is Tracy from Cornerfolds! To help out with this #ReadIndie, Tracy and I have also recruited a team of reviewers to help promote some amazing indie books!

Meet the review team

Amber @ Du Livre
DeneƩ @ Novel Reveries
GJ @ GJ Alvi
Shauna @ b00kstorebabe
Stephanie @ Bookfever
Jessica & Olyvia @ A Midsummer Night's Read

The Challenge

So what is #ReadIndie all about? This isn't necessarily a read-a-thon. Instead, the challenge is simply to post indie reviews for two weeks in place of the reviews you would normally post. However, each review you post and link up will gain you an extra entry into an indie book giveaway! This is ALL about spreading the word about incredible authors who don't necessarily get the hype that they deserve.

The Giveaway

Of course, this wouldn't be a proper challenge without prizes! We're still working out the kinks, so bear with us a bit, as we get the details together. It will be international.

The Rules

  • Linkup to the blog or account where you will be reviewing. 
  • If you're using a blog, create a blog post linking back to this signup post and listing your goals.
  • Grab the button below and share.
  • Post indie book reviews between December 1st and 16th. 
  • Books do NOT have to be read during the challenge dates, but that is when the reviews must be posted.
  • Titles must be from independent publishers. (i.e. not the big 5)
  • Link each review you post in the giveaway rafflecopter to gain entries. (Will be posted when the challenge begins.)
  • Include #ReadIndie in your review titles. (e.g. #ReadIndie Book Title by Author Name)
  • Tweet your progress using #ReadIndie.
  • You do not need to post exclusively indie reviews. However, only indie reviews count toward the challenge.

Sign Up Below

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