Friday, August 18, 2017

Mini Reviews: A Goodreads Cross-Post Part 1

So as I mentioned in my last update (forever ago), I've read a fair amount of contemporary romance lately. And, of course, I didn't review any of it lmao. I did, however, post super short reviews on Goodreads for many of them, so I'm just cross-posting the few sentences to few paragraphs, in case you guys were curious what I've been reading and what I thought.

I'm going to keep these as short as possible. So no jacket copies, no buy links. Click on the cover picture to bring up the GR page.

So this book uses one of my favorite tropes, but with a twist. It's a combination of fake romance and friends to lovers. And it was excellentttttt. I love those tropes.

On the first day of school, Jenny and Chance fool everyone into thinking they've known each other for years. In a surprise assignment where they have to talk about their summer vacations, they play off each other so well, that their entire class believes they have been best friends all their lives. And when they decide to continue on with the lie, no one thinks twice.

I loved Chance and Jenny together so much. They were hilarious, and the way they interacted constantly made me smile. Their fake friendship blossoms into one where they are truly best friends. Since they had never even spoken to each other before, it seems that it's just easier for them to talk to each other. And as they get to know each other, they challenge each other with different stories, rules, and dares.

I had one real gripe about this book, and that was that it was not diverse at all. My high school was 95% white, so I get that this does happen. But there was also no sexual diversity, and that seems unlikely. Not everyone in life is blond and straight.

Of course, I'd personally rather no diversity than having it handled poorly (just my opinion). But it was still a disappointment.

Overall, I thought it was a cute and fast read. I loved the characters, and couldn't get enough of them.


This one was just okay for me. I enjoyed reading it, but I didn't get all the touchy and tingly feels about out main couple. I don't know, I just didn't connect with them the way I would've loved to. Still, it was a cute and fast read. If you like these romance books with fake relationship tropes (like I do), definitely give it a read.


It's not secret that I've been on some kind of contemporary romance kick lately. Especially when it comes to fake relationship books. And this is probably my favorite of my recent reads so far.

The romance is cute and sweet, and I loved Oak and Vaughn together. The story was definitely typical of the trope, but it wasn't 100% predictable. And I loved seeing the relationship between Vaughn and her siblings. I admit it, I'm a sucker for happy sibling relationships.

So as a struggling family in LA, Vaugh and her older sister are working hard just to make ends meat and send their little brothers to college. So of course when Vaughn gets offered and absurd amount of money to play the girlfriend to obnoxious rock star Oakley Ford, she says yes against her better judgement. But maybe Oakley isn't quite as bad as she initially thought. Even if he is a jerk.

One of the things I loved was that we got to hear from Oakley's POV as well as Vaughn's. I love reading from the male POV in books, and this was no exception. Seeing their relationship blossom was heartwarming, and I would have loved an even longer book or a follow up novel about the two of them. Can't wait to read other things from this author.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Super Quick Update!

Omg guys it's been... a long time. I suck! I'm not 100% prepared to be back, but I have missed blogging, so I thought I'd share some quick updates about how things are going in the life and times of Christina.

Errr... Ignore that.