Monday, February 29, 2016

February Wrap-Up

Oh geez. So much happened and didn't happen in February.

Things that didn't happen
I did not get anything done for the #RockMyTBR reading challenge. Fail.

I did not finish writing a draft of Spy Project

Things that did happen
I got some feedback on Iron Curse and have been revising studiously ever since.  This is the reason I haven't been working on Spy Project (it's a rather intensive rewrite).

I listened to a bunch of audiobooks.

Aaaaand I bought a crapload of books (at least for me).

I also bought a new shelf for my books (it's not actually a book shelf but it works).  This is good since sometime this month one of my shelving units decided to collapse.  I had to rebuild it (bummer), but it's not particularly stable.

My Blogaversary Giveaway ended, and the winners were Wren and Sam.

Other random things
I literally just got my closet back to usable.  Since, you know, the ceiling in it collapsed in like August or September (I no longer remember which).

The Book Haul... ...

Book Outlet Sale Haul
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Barnes & Noble Book Haul

So I listened to all of these on audible twice.  I just had to own them, and I will now totally be collecting these along with Jodi Meadows' books.

Used Books Haul

I've been wanting to get ther rest of Maria V. Snyder's books. And I love this edition of Storm Glass. It's so pretty!  Question for those that have read them: should I read The Chronicles of Ixia in order?  Or can I skip the Glass series before starting the Soulfinders series?

February Pre-Orders Haul
Already read and reviewed two of these (well the review for Glass Sword comes out soon).  Haven't finished The Forbidden Wish yet.  Also notice that Glass Sword is signed!!

I have one more thing on my haul and I'm going to rant about it.  One of my favorite authors is Alexandra Bracken.  And so I needed to find a copy of Brightly Woven to possess for myself.  I scoured used book sites and the amazon marketplace every day until I finally found one that wasn't insanely expensive.  Score!  Right?  Well, no.

I bought the book and was so excited.  And then extremely disappointed to see that they had sold me an ARC.  WTF?  It has RIGHT ON THE COVER "Not For Sale."  I'm so mad because I bought an ARC. And I hate when people do that.  But how was I supposed to know, right?  I'm even more mad at the website that sold it to me.  These are things they need to fix.


  1. You got some terrific books this month!! Good luck with the Iron Curse.

  2. You can never have too many bookshelves! Fantastic list of books and best of luck with Iron Curse.

  3. Aw man that really does stink that they sold you an ARC. Congrats on your book haul though! You got quite a lot of awesome books. I haven't read Poison Study since I'm saving the series to binge over summer vacation, but my friend just finished and she was absolutely in love with it and is quickly reading the rest of the series.