Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why I don't like Libraries

Many of my family members have recently been begging me to join the library where I recently moved to.  They claim I will save money over buying books.  I disagree.

Sure, theoretically I wouldn't be using any money on books at a library.  But is it worth it?  The libraries in this state (along with the education system) are notoriously bad.  Every time I search the database, I may find one copy of a book I'm looking for - maybe.  And of course it's checked out.  Even if it were in the library, it would be in one that is over an hour's drive away.  With gas at these prices, I'd rather not drive that far for the small chance they have what I'm looking for.

And here's the thing.  I like collecting books.  It's become almost an obsession lately.  I bought so many books in March that I couldn't spend any extra money in April (fortunately my birthday is this month and I expect a good book haul).  Even after selling almost all of my childhood books in garage sales and donating them to thrift stores, I have accumulated about 200 books (not counting ebooks of course).  And I'm still going.  I'll need another bookcase soon.

My family says I don't need to own every book I read.  That may be true in the literal sense.  But I like to own my books.  I like to recommend books to my family and friends and say, "Oh by the way, you can borrow it anytime!"  Which I do.  I am my becoming my own personal library.  What's wrong with that?

I could get over some of these things and get over my obsession and pride about owning books.  I could just go get a new library card.  But I have seen something that has absolutely appalled me in the public library system and I therefore refuse to use it.  Librarians refuse to shelf certain books because they don't agree with their values/morals/whatever.  I don't agree with book burning librarians.  There should be no censorship in a public library.

And thus ends my silly little rant.  Sometimes you just gotta vent.

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