Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review and Unboxing: To the Stars Who Listen Box

Greetings! I just got in my first subscription box from Book and Nook. I've ordered candles from them before, but this was their first monthly box. And because of what the theme was for May, I absolutely had to order!

If you hadn't guessed by the title of the post, it was ACOTAR/ACOMAF themed, all because of the release of ACOMAF!

So if you've ordered this and it hasn't arrived yet, ye have been forewarned.

So here is everything that was in the box. Five 4oz candles, a bookmark, and a lip balm. So first I'm going to talk about the lip balm and the bookmark.

The other side of the bookmark has the Night Court logo on it (the mountains with the three stars). It's super pretty, but without really amazing lighting, it doesn't take the best photos. So I'm not going to try lol.

The lip balm is Rhysand's Kiss, and it's shea butter. It's not my favorite flavor, but it is really pretty. I don't generally use these lip balms anyway, so I'll just use it for photos. Still, I think it's a scent and flavor a lot of people will like. Kind of fruity.

Next are the candles.

I love these first two so much. Only one of the candles is from ACOTAR, the rest are from ACOMAF. So here we have Under the Mountain and (fittingly with it) The Court of Nightmares. They both smell really good, and they're nice and smooth. Also (this is a pet peeve of mine), the wicks are all centered. Hurray! I can't tell you how many times I've seen pictures of off-center wicks and cringed. So I'm so glad so say that these are ALL CENTERED.

The next three are HEREEEEE.

So all of these candles have glitter in the wax, so they sparkle when lit. Sadly, I will probably not be lighting mine as they are all special editions and cannot be replaced. :( Still, look at them! They're all beautifully centered :D (you really have no idea how much that bothers me) And they all smell amazing.

My favorite of the candles is the City if Starlight, simply because I absolutely love the smell of grapefruit. But they are all so amazing. I wish I could buy another set! 

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