Thursday, December 10, 2015

Future Book Tag!!

Omg I'm horrible.  Sam at Tsundoku Books tagged me weeks back.  My first excuse is that I was busy at the time.  But then I just forgot.  And so here I am, finally remembering to do this tag (which looks really awesome btw).

The Tag...
Choose five books to answer the questions.  I will list them here so you know what I've chosen as what book number.

Book 1 - Incarnate (Hardcover)
Book 2 - Magonia (Hardcover)
Book 3 - The Kiss of Deception (Hardcover)
Book 4 - Uprooted (Hardcover)
Book 5 - Crown of Embers (Paperback)

Okay, so I picked random books off my shelf that I've read.  Though looking at them, I see I picked favorites of mine haha.  So let's get started!!

1. Open book 1 to a random page. Look at the first word on the page. If it's less than 5 letter, you will go to college. If it's more than 5 letter, you won't go to college. (Incarnate)

 Page 192 first word is "tight" which is exactly five letters.  I guess that fits since I already graduated lol.

2. Open book 1 to a random page. The first name you see. Think of that persons job, that will be your job. Note: Is that person still in school? You will be a teacher. You don't know that persons job? You will be unemployed.

Page 294, the first person is Meuric, He's the Council's Speaker.  Um, yay?  I always wanted to have an infinite number of lives?

3. Open book 2 to a random page. The first name you see will be the person you will marry. (Magonia)

Page 52, first name is Jason.  I disagree.  My brother-in-law is Jason.  I know a lot of Jasons and I don't like any of them lol.  Though, amusingly, this seems like something I would have done as a kid xD

4. Open book 2 to a random page. The first name you see will be your best friend.

Page 174, first name is Milekt.  I find this highly improbable lol.  I also already have a best friend named Maia.  Maia, Milekt... same difference.

5. Open book 3 to a random page. Look at the second word on the page. Count how many letters that word has, remove 2 letters. That's how many children you will have. (The Kiss of Deception)

Page 278, second word is "to".  So zero.  Huzzah!!!

6. How many children did you have? Open the third book as many times to see who your children will be. If you have no children, open the book once. The first name you will see, will be something of your choice. A couple of example: neighbor, father in law etc.

Page 330, first name is Kaden.  Hmmm.. Kaden will be my second husband, since I highly doubt it will work out with Jason. <3

7. Book 4: Where does this book take place? This will be the place where you will live. (Uprooted)

I had to choose all fantasy books lol.  I suppose most of the book takes place in the Dragon's tower.  So will I live with The Dragon?

8. Open book 4 to a random place, the first name you see, does this person have a car, bike etc.? That will be your transportation. Note: teleporting, broom etc. is allowed. If your character had no means of transportation that you know of, you will be using public transportation.

Page 176, The Dragon!!  Yay!  (I was almost hoping for Agnieszka but meh).  The Dragon used some cool magic to transport within the valley.  Out of the valley, they used horses and wagons.  I'll take it!

9. Does this book have any animals in it? Pick your favorite animal, that will be your pet. No animals in the book? You will have no pet. 

I know there were lots of animals.  They didn't play a specific part in the story but they did specifically exist.  So I pick a cat.  Because I have cats.

10. Open book 5 to a random page. The first name you see will be your enemy. (Crown of Embers)

Page 294, Mara.  Hmmm... I liked Mara, but meh.  If she must be my mortal enemy, so be it.

I'm not tagging anyone specific.  If this looks fun to you, go do it!
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  1. This is so cool! I will have to do it because it sounds like fun and also like something I would've done with my best friend back in elementary school! I love how you picked Kaden to be your second husband, btw, hilarious.

    Awesome post and sameises! I am the WORST at rememebering to do tags. =)

  2. Haha glad to see you do the tag! Hope you had fun doing it :)