Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Wrap-Up

Hey guys! -waves-

So I'm sorry I didn't have a monthly giveaway for February. But I did try to make up for it by having a couple twitter giveaways this month. I'm still trying to decide what to do for my March giveaway, so if you have any ideas before tomorrow, leave a comment below!

So let's get this party wrapped up!

Things I read

Okay, I did a fair amount of reading and reviewing this month. I'm honestly feeling really lazy, so I'm just going to put a picture of my goodreads page lmao.

I think I reviewed almost everything I read! Go me! 

Things I received

Thank you Tracy and Sarah for the trades!
The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee
The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova

I can't wait to read these.

Things I took pictures of...

So I have still been working on staying more active on instagram. You should come give me a follow! I can't post every day (I'm not awake during the day -cries-) but I try to post most days. You can find me here.

And speaking of things I received...

I'd been trying to find this edition of Incarnate for ages. Then the publisher messaged me and showed me where I could get it from a third party on Amazon US. I swear I had looked and couldn't find it lol. But look at the sparkles!! I'm working on getting the rest of the Brazil editions now as well.

Things I wrote

So I got Spy Project back from a beta, and whoooo boy. So many comments. And they were incredibly useful comments. But This thing needed more work than I even realized (and it was only the third draft, so I knew it needed a lot).

As of writing this wrap-up post, I've written added about 10k words to the manuscript. I've removed a bunch of stuff, and I've moved some scenes around. I'm still pretty near the beginning. The end is going to be chopped off and shoved in book 2.

Other writing things - I'm taking Iron Curse down from Swoon Reads this month. Once I finish up with this round of revisions on Spy Project, I'll send that out for another beta and get to work on Iron Curse again. I have a lot of comments from my last beta on it (back in like... November last year lol), and I still haven't had a chance to touch it.


I've still been sick. I'm having a medical thing done in March to help figure out what the issue is. And I think that's about it!

Have a great month, guys.

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