Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Discussion: Disqus Comments

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This week is more of a blogging topic.  I want to talk about comments.

So I feel like this needs some background.

When I started reading blogs a while back, I hated the thought of Disqus.  It bothered me that you had to log in to a separate program just to comment.  Eventually I finally made a Disqus account so I could comment on these blogs that used it.

And now here I am considering changing to Disqus.

There are huge problems with the Blogger comment program.  I have noticed that many times, Blogger doesn't notify me when I have comments.  Okay that isn't the worst thing if I just check blogger.  But what's pretty annoying is that I'm never notified when someone replies to one of my comments on another blog using the Blogger comment box.  This makes me just not very motivated to reply to comments if I know that people aren't necessarily going to see my replies.

I'm not a fan on the google+ comment program.  But Disqus seems to work a lot like the Blogger program (you can use html mainly).  So what do you think?  Do you hate Disqus?  Or just not really care?


  1. Disqus kinda drives me crazy. I've never used it myself but commenting on it drives me crazy. I have noticed Blogger doesn't notify me about comments though. So annoying!

    1. Yes. For example, it did not notify me of your comment! Urgh it's so frustrating.

  2. I personally don't have a problem with the blogger comments and I actually like the way google+ is set up. I don't have very much experience with Disqus, but I think if it makes it easier for you to read/reply to comments you should go with it.