Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Review and Unboxing: Thorns, Mist, and Wings High Fae Box

Last one for a little while, I swear! I did say that I subscribed to a few boxes this month haha.

So... I ordered the High Fae edition of the Thorns, Mist, and Wings box from A Court of Candles, because I'm obsessed with candles.

This box included a total of eight candles. Four 4oz tins, and four 2oz jars. So let's get to the box!

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the tote, which says, "Night Triumphant and the Stars Eternal"

This is, of course, from ACOWAR.

Then we have the quote card, a super handy notebook, and a travel mug with the Night Court logo on it! I use travel mugs all the time, so I really needed this lol.

So about the candles. I really love five of the eight. One of them I'm a bit meh on. And the last one, I kind of hate the scent xD It's okay. With how many candles I've ordered, I didn't expect to like the scent of every single one of them. We all have different tastes, and I'm sure it appeals to other people.

My favorite of the candles is probably The Sidra River or Tamlin (right?!). They're both super refreshing, and I like lighter scents. Three of the tins are super glittery. SO MUCH GLITTER. So that is wonderful and great for instagram photos lol. (I need all the glitter).

I'm not going to talk much about the other candles individually. Just that I've ordered from A Court of Candles before, and they are always nice and smooth. And the wicks are centered lmao. (You seriously have no idea how much that bothers me xD)

Overall, I liked this box. There was only one candle that I really don't like, and considering there were eight of them, it's bound to happen.

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