Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When Book Slumps Get You Down

Suppose you're having a great reading year. You're way ahead on your goodreads goal, and then suddenly...


Reading slump. Don't you just hate that? I know I do.

Recently, I've been kind of in a reading slump. Though, it's more like a life slump. I just don't feel like doing anything

I read a chapter and just feel bleh. I watch tv and movies to the same outcome. I don't feel like writing or editing (to be fair I never feel like editing). This feeling? It kind of really sucks. I want to do things, but I'm just not in the mood.

All I really want to do is listen to music. Which is fine. It's mostly all I've been doing aside from the monotony of work. But I've been SO UNPRODUCTIVE as of late.

Then we're left with this feeling of uselessness, and we constantly wonder how to get out of the slump, which just makes it worse.

Yes, reading slumps suck. But I plan on totally embracing this one. I'll let it play its course, and hopefully it will just go away on its own if I don't try to force myself into anything. I want to be nice and refreshed for whenever it's gone. 

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