Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: These Ruthless Deeds

Title: These Ruthless Deeds
Author: Tarun Shanker, Kelly Zekas
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Release Date: March 14, 2017

England, 1883. Still recovering from a devastating loss, Evelyn is determined to use her powers to save other gifted people from those who would harm them. But when her rescue of a young telekinetic girl goes terribly wrong, Evelyn finds herself indebted to a secret society devoted to recruiting and protecting people like Evelyn and her friends.
As she follows the Society’s orders, healing the sick and embarking on perilous recruitment missions, Evelyn sees her problems disappear. Her reputation is repaired, her friends are provided for, and her parents are newly wealthy. She reunites with the dashing Mr. Kent and recovers the reclusive Mr. Braddock (who has much less to brood over now that the Society can help him to control his dangerous power). But Evelyn can’t help fearing the Society is more sinister than it appears...

This book. It kicked me right in the feels.

Lol. I absolutely loved These Vicious Masks when I read it last year. And I was so excited to see more of Evelyn and Mr Braddock and Mr Kent.

We start off in a rescue gone fairly wrong. Evelyn and her friends have been using their powers to help other powered people, but things go awry when they try to rescue a girl from an asylum. Things quickly intensify as Evelyn is rescued by the infamous Society of Aberrations with the help of Mr Kent. She learns that her good friend has been working with them for months.

The Society attempts to recruit her group, and Evelyn can't say why, but something bothers her. She still doesn't trust them, even after all of her questions are answered truthfully with Mr Kent's power. Still, she decides to work with them for the time-being, because they can find Mr Braddock, who disappeared at the end of the first book.

So the things that I liked? Well first, this book took me completely by surprise. Which is not easy. There was something tat happened that I had not expected at all. It was a gutsy move, and I respect the authors for doing it. The end was excellent, being a cliffhanger that doesn't kill me as I wait for the next book. I still really need the next book, but I'm not going to go insane over the next year.

Mr Kent would be the next thing. He doesn't play as much of a crucial role in These Vicious Masks. His witty self (including his power) is showcased much more in the second book. He's such a great character. He clearly loves Evelyn and will do anything for her, but he always has to put his own spin on it. 

There were so many new powers in this book. We meet more people with even more interesting and dangerous powers. It kind of makes me wish I had some kind of special ability.

What I wanted more of was Mr Braddock. I get that he was missing for the first so many pages, but once he was found, I would have loved for him to be included in more of the scheming. 

I started this series because I loved the description of Jane Austen meets X-Men. And it was totally true. I love the writing and the characters. I cannot wait to read more.

Characters: 5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Writing: 5 stars
World: 4 stars
Feels: 5 stars
5 stars

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