Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Wrap-Up

Oh.  Oh dear.  Is August over already?  Where has the time been going?

This month has been fairly slow for me blog-wise.  So let's see what happened...

I listened to books 8-13 in the Morganville Vampires series.


Physical Books

Yep.  That's it.  I told you was in a fairly bad slump.  That's okay, because I think Aerie and Fear the Drowning Deep have helped to end that.  So I should be getting back on track.  Slowly.

So some notable things from this month. 
I interviewed Kerri Maniscalco here
I did the Happiness Tag here
I talked about respecting authors here
I shared some books that I love here

So what's up in life?
I got a pretty drastic haircut.  I cut my hair short (to my chin) every year.  So I did that and had it dyed black.  With pink highlights haha.  I love it.
I finished my first draft of Spy Project.  Actually, my first draft was already finished and I hadn't realized it.  I hadn't realized it was going to be a series.  So I cut it off where it seemed the end should be and moved the rest to a new Scrivener folder.  now I'm working on expanding the not-so-whopping 45k words of the first draft.  Yep.  My first drafts are always super short.
I'm currently on a "diet".  And I say diet, but really it's me making sure that I eat real food instead of mostly processed crap.  Because I need to lose weight but I'm not going to be doing anything special.  I love to cook anyway.  So eating real food with actual nutrition should help.
My best friend is working on her masters in library science, specializing in YA.  She has a class she needs to read 30 YA books in this semester (a lot, I know), so I threw a bunch of books at her lol (okay I handed them to her in a box).

What books did I get this month?
I got some stuff from trades.  But I didn't get much of anything this month.  Go me!  I did, however, buy the following:

Plans for September?
I want to finish polishing up Iron Curse.  It's currently on a second beta read, so I'm hoping to get some results back so I can start submitting soon.  There is a PitMad on twitter in September haha. (oh gosh I need to work on my query and synopsis)
I also want to work more on Spy Project.  Getting the second draft finished would be great, but I don't see it happening.
I really need to catch up on my arcs.  I've been getting so behind that I haven't been getting to them before publication.  Boo!
And finally, I have a new monthly feature debuting tomorrow.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

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