Friday, September 8, 2017

Another Life Update

So yea. I thought I was going to be back more last time, but I wasn't. Oops?

So since I hardly posted anything, here's another update on a day in the life of Christina.

Yea, I really need to work on that stuff...

So... It seems like I'm kinda back to blogging? Which is cool. I didn't end up making it in to PitchWars. But that's okay, because I still learned a lot. I got my query nice and polished, wrote a synopsis, got a bit of feedback on my first chapter... Yep. As soon as I get back into that story and fix the things mentioned, I think I'm good to begin querying.

Writing-wise, I've been working (for the last forever) on an outline of a new WIP, Crash Story. It's a YA Contemporary more in the vein of Jeff Zentner and Gayle Forman. So not cutesy contemporary. If you have spoken to me before about writing, you'll know that I loathe outlining. But since I had so much trouble with the story of Spy Project, I decided I would give it a go. For real this time. Not the fake "I'm writing down the beginning, the middle, and the end and calling it an outline" thing. Nope. I'm actually writing dow point by point what is happening in each scene. I'm up to chapter 16 so far, and Im sure things will change. But I really am hoping this helps me when it comes to drafting.

I already wrote a synopsis of the second book in Spy Project, so hopefully I'll have to use it at some point. It's my favorite project of anything I've ever worked on, so I hope people get to read it some day.

So, let's get away from the writing talk. I've read a fair amount lately. Mostly, it's because I've been reading shorter books. Quick and cute contemporary romances, which I've been totally in the mood for. I did finally finish reading Nyxia, which was really good. My review will be posted soon. This was sooooo not cute contemporary, but now that I finished it, I think I can be in the mood for something else! So hurray!

Other happenings in my life are all about candles.

This is the coolest gif I have found. Ever. Don't argue with me you know it's true WHO MAKES AN 8BIT CANDLE GIF?! WHO DOES THAT!

Okay I'm calm. 

So the Etsy shop is slowwwwly picking up. And while that's going and we're selling our current stock, I'm working on doing some R&D on a slight change to our recipe to try and minimize the soy frosty-ness. 

So other than that... I've been watching TV 🙈  This is strange for me. My friend moved in so now I have a roommate, and he has Netflix and Hulu. Meaning I have access to ALL THE THINGS. And, well. I've been wanting to watch Flash for a long time. So I've binged it all. Next I'm moving on to Arrow (I should be watching them together, I know. But I'm not). 

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