Saturday, May 12, 2018

An update whoops

Dear Reader,

I apologize profusely for disappearing for... A long time. I feel an explanation is owed.

So for the past ling while, I've felt stagnated with blogging. I write reviews, and pretty much nothing else. Then in late March, things got very hectic at work. As you might be aware, I work the night shift in a lab. 

Well in late March, I was called in to work the day shift instead. I was there to get a new piece of equipment running. Which I happily did in just about a week. And then I was stuck on the day shift, being the only person who could run said equipment. Also because of this, I would work every day straight (no weekends for me). I would get to work at 6:30 in the morning and not leave until 8 in the evening (that's 20:00 for most of you people in the world).

Let's fast forward. Four weeks later, I'm finally back on my regular shift. But I'm crazy burnt out. I may have had a mental breakdown or two while at work. And a week goes by and all I want to do is read. At this point, I still haven't gone grocery shopping. In fact, I haven't been in about two months, so I'm subsisting on such food as McDonald's daily. Whoops.

The point being, I was reading and about nothing else once I finally got my schedule back to normal. My house is a wreck, I'm behind on making candles for my business, I haven't taken Instagram photos in three score days. But tonight I plan to rectify some of this. The important part for here being as follows: I'm writing some reviews tonight. They will slowly be posting over the next couple weeks. 

I'm very sorry I disappeared without a word. But I hope I'm back.

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