Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Writing Journey - Part 1

Hello again! I've decided to start documenting what I'm doing writing-wise.

As many of you might know, I write a lot. What you might not realize is that I haven't written anything since February of this year. Yes, it has been quite a long time. But I've had some ideas stewing now for a while, and I'm almost ready to jump back in to what I had planned.

As for what I had planned already? It's time to start querying Cloak & Dagger. I got really busy, and then I decided if I hardly had time to send an email, I shouldn't be querying. Because if by some miracle I got an agent, I'd need to have time to edit. Which I totally didn't.

But things have changed now. I do have time to edit. I have time to write. Somehow! I need to do a little less reading, but I can do it all. Read, write, make candles, go to my regular job!

So I plan (again) to try and query. Also this is another reminder that my spy fantasy romance story (Cloak & Dagger, duh) is on Swoon Reads. If you're curious, there's a link to it up top in the Extras tab.

That's it for now. Basically an introduction, and a really quick update. Next time, I might share some notes and some of the things I last wrote. Let me know what you think!

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