Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Writing Journey - Part 3

In the wake of rejection, I decided to get working on another project to distract myself. 

Now, in case you are unaware, I'm a pantser. Terrible pantser. I've tried planning and it did not work out well, so I will continue what seems to work for me.

That said, I tried to go and write in my gender-swapped Cinderella retelling, and got basically a few sentences. Okay, better than nothing, right? But I'm just not feeling it. I don't know how to approach the story, even though I have plot ideas in my head. So I decided to put it on the backburner again.

Now, the shiniest unfinished project I have is Thorn of Dreams. This was what I was writing for Nanowrimo a few years ago. The reason I stopped? I realized I needed to do more research than I can conceivably do at the moment. I could read plenty of books and online articles, but this is a book that's based in Icelandic culture, and I really feel I should take a trip to Iceland to truly experience it. Sadly, this is something I cannot afford currently.

So of course, that one has stayed on the backburner, much as I want to write about creatures that are the living embodiment of nightmares.

This brings me to a conundrum. Do I write something new? I haven't had much time to think about stories lately, so I don't have any new ideas that I've not started floating around yet (oh but I will soon, just not at the moment. They always come, just when I least expect them). So no, I won't start something new since I've got many already started projects.

But what then?

Well, I have three projects that I wrote a while ago that could definitely use some sprucing up. One is particularly bad, but I'm going to ignore it for the foreseeable future, because dystopia. Lol. And so I have decided to do a full rewrite of Iron Curse.

You may remember this as a) the first book I submitted on Swoon Reads and/or b) the second book I ever finished. Once I'm done with this rewrite (and let's face it, there's plenty I'm going to keep. I've just grown as a writer, so I'd like it to be better), I'll likely begin revising Crash Story. 

Oh my gosh, so much to do! Are you working on a big writing project? 

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