Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Writing Journey Part 2

This seemed like a good time to post, because as I write this, I just received my first ever rejection letter to a query. 

Am I surprised at all to get a rejection letter? Not one bit. But I am surprised one came in so quickly, since I know literary agents have hundreds of queries to go through, and I only sent this one out last week. I'm honestly surprised this agent had even gotten to mine yet. Just shows what I know, right?

And that's fine, because I'm still learning. I did my research, and only sent out a few queries to test the waters. Once I get back at least one more response, I will start looking over my query again and decide what to do from there. 

In the mean time, I haven't done any writing since last week, but I have thought about some stories I've had stewing. And I have some ideas floating around. Here is when I wish I had the money to take a trip to Iceland for research, but alas, I do not. So I shall work on other projects until I can take care of that one (I really want to work on that one, but oh well).

Next up on my writing board, probably my gender-swapped Cinderella?

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