Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick Update

This weekend I will be out of town at my parents' house for my monthly visit.  I'm both excited and dreading it.  Since I won't be able to get much reading done, I figured I would post an update.

What I'm bringing back with me
Lots and lots of books.  I have my entire Tolkien collection at my parents' house (including my French copy of The Hobbit (or Bilbo le Hobbit).  Also at my parents' house if my copy of The Darkest Minds series.  I let my sister borrow it and she brought it back to the wrong house!  I am going to rummage through my old room and my sister's old room to see if I can find more random books lying around to add to the collection.

Anything fun this weekend?
Well, I'm seeing my friends from back home for the first time since December.  I'm such a recluse.

Something random
This is an ongoing story, but it's really wonderful for bookish people everywhere.  This looks like the most recent feed on Reading Rainbow.

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