Monday, April 27, 2015

Writing a Book

So I was searching my computer and found an old file entitled "Chapter 1" (because that is so descriptive, right?).

Sidenote: The files on my computer are all named things like Chapter 1, Dragons, ehhhh, Untitled, Untitled 1.  Apparently I know what things are by the worst description possible. End Sidenote

Anyway, I opened it up and found that it was a YA dystopian I had started writing about 3 years ago.  I totally forgot about it.  I had gotten writers block and just set it aside. But today, the ideas started flowing and I was like "whoa! I could actually finish this!"

I wrote about 2 1/2 chapters today and came up with a whole bunch of new ideas.  I changed a bunch of names, and I practically changed the entire plotline.  I went back through and revised a bunch of stuff, reformatted some lines, etc.  I hope I'm on a roll.  But we all know that things happen and you just get stuck.  But I'm hoping to have a finished manuscript to bring with me to YallFest.  A girl can dream, right? (And to answer my own question: I'm sure nothing will happen with it, but sure. I can dream.)

Does anyone else try to write and experience (apparently extreme) writer's block?  What do you do to deal with it?


  1. Writer's block? It's basically my middle name. I've actually been in a slump for a few weeks. The best way to get through it is to force yourself to sit down and write. Even if it's crappy writing, you need to get it out. Editing can happen later, and it's in editing that everything ends up turning out good. (Now if only I could take my own advice and get back into my story...)

    Anyway, best of luck with your book! I'm sure it's amazing :)

    1. Lol thanks for the advice! I wish I had more time to write but I usually work like 50 hours a week in my paying job. I've wanted to be a writer for a long time, but things just don't always work out. So here I'm am slowly trekking along.

      I hope you get back to yours too. Gotta keep the literary world surprised!