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Review: Blood Street by Carl Alves

Title: Blood Street
Author: Carl Alves
Publisher: End of Days Publishing
Release Date: November 24, 2012

Blood Street is True Blood meets the Sopranos set in the streets of Philadelphia. When vampires tangle with the Philadelphia mafia, one thing is certain - all hell is going to break loose.
Alexei chose the wrong neighborhood to claim his latest victim, a member of Enzo Salerno's crime syndicate. Now Philadelphia mob boss Enzo Salerno is determined to hunt down the man who killed his associate in such gruesome fashion in his South Philly row home and serve his own brand of old fashioned Italian style vengeance.
Perplexed by this unnatural murder, Salerno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that this was not a mob hit, and that a vampire was responsible for this death. Magnus, the leader of Alexei's brood, must use all of his resources to save them from both the mafia and the FBI, sparking a bloody war that plays out in the streets of Philadelphia. Who will survive on Blood Street?

This was truly like nothing I have read before.  The description is spot on: True Blood meets The Sopranos.  It was kind of amazing to see the mesh between the vampire underworld and the mafia.

Let's talk about the plot:
This plot was completely believable.  It starts with the gruesome murder of one of Enzo Salerno's associates.  Before long, this mob boss is swept up in getting vengeance for his friend.  Until more people are murdered and the FBI is brought in.  FBI Agent Mark Andrews and Enzo have to put aside their differences if they want to catch this serial killer and make him pay for his crimes.

The murders are so horrific, they're in the news as being done by "The Vampire Killer."  Only, no one actually believes it could be by a real vampire.  Because, you know, vampires aren't real, right?  This book is super action-packed, full of all types of fighting.  And crazy weird vampire lore.  

Let's talk about the characters:
Alexei is the main "villain" of the book.  He is a vampire who is over a thousand years old (talk about ancient).  He is the "Vampire Killer."  He has a penchant for consuming human organs, even though it is taboo.  And he has a strong dislike for his brood leader, Magnus.  Alexei is a slightly predictable character.  He always wants blood and never cares about being discreet to hide his kind.

Magnus is the brood leader of the vampires in Philadelphia.  He is about as old as Alexei.  But he hates Alexei.  Magnus is a more complex character.  It was hard to know what he would do from moment to moment.  He kept his thoughts hidden well.

Enzo Salerno is Philly's mob boss.  He operates off loyalty.  He doesn't want to believe vampires are real, but when he finally faces the facts, he has to accept the truth.  And he nearly gets himself killed from his vendetta against all vampires.

Mark Andrews is an FBI agent assigned to investigate Salerno's alleged illegal activities.  When the "Vampire Killer" strikes again and again, he decides he has to put old grudges aside and ask for help in the least likely place.

So what did I think?
Overall Alves did a great job creating the dark and dangerous setting of South Philly.  And the mafia and vampire world combined together was very interesting.  Completely recommended to anyone into paranormal, fantasy, or horror.

Note: I received a copy of this for in exchange for an honest review.

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