Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dragon Loyalty Award Answers

So whoops! I forgot about posting the answers to this.

So I was tagged by Sam for this.  Here were the rules.

Zee Rulezzz
1. Give nine facts about yourself.
2. Tag other bloggers (dragons only).

I gave five true and four false facts.  Read for the answers?


3 - I get weird crushes on audiobook narrators based on how sexy their voice is. - Yes, this one was too strange to be false. 

4 - I'm a really good cook. - I haven't been cooking a lot lately, but I'm a pretty good cook.  I make a lot of fresh Italian food and sauces (that's gravy for my family). I also bake a lot.

6 - I'm very short. - I'm just over five feet tall.

8 - Chocolate chip cookie might be the best thing ever. - I feel like I mean to type dough in there somewhere. But either way, I love chocolate chip cookies.

9 - I'm ambidextrous. - I was always good with both hands, but years of training my left hand in writing and stuff has helped me to be ambidextrous. 


1 - I love the musical Hamilton. - LeGasp! I tried listening to this. But I'm not into rap and R&B music. Like at all. So I can't get into it the way others do.

2 - I read books with dust jackets on. - Blasphemous! You must preserve the precious paper that is the dust jacket! It's so much more fragile than the hardcover itself lol

5 - I'm a people person. - I'm really not. I generally don't like people.

7 - I loved Truthwitch. - I ended up DNF'ing this (so sadly). I might pick it up and give it another go at some point. But I just couldn't get into it.

So last time I tagged anyone who wants to do it. Hope you enjoyed, and if you do this tag let me know so I can read your "facts"!

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  1. So I got 5 out of 9 correct, not too bad! This was such a fun tag, I'm glad you did it!