Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick Update

Well, I really hate having to write this post...

This update is to say that I will not likely have a review for Saturday.  I was out of town all weekend (just got home a few minutes ago).  For a few days last week I had renewed my love of writing.  After so many authors pushing Scrivener I caved and bought it.  And I have been spending a lot of time transferring over my dystopian/fantasy novel (a lot of time because I'm revising it while moving it).

So I really haven't gotten much done in the way of reading.  I'm trying to finish up the ARC preview of Truthwitch from NetGalley this week so that I can get another review for them down.  But most likely if I have a review posted on Saturday it will not be one of my review books (since I haven't actually started another one yet).

I will still have my Sunday Discussion.  This week will be a special Throne of Glass edition.  So don't miss it!  I also apologize that I haven't updated the pages very recently.  The crazy busy is getting to me.  Hopefully I will finish what I'm reading/working on soon and I can get some reviews up.  But I am officially taking this week (and maybe next week) off for reviews.


  1. Don't worry about it, I've been reading very slowly lately since I've been super busy, too. I've heard good things about Scrivener but haven't had the guts to get it (yet) since I feel like Word works well. I'm glad to hear that you've found a renewal of love for writing :)

    1. I definitely dragged my feet on getting it. But it's so worth it for me since I'm such a pantser. It allows you to separate scenes within a chapter (and thus when you compile it, it leaves a space). It also has a corkboard with little notecards that you can write all your scene and chapter summaries on.