Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Discussion: Plot Pet Peeves

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This week I want to talk about bookish pet peeves.

We all have them.  Something that happens in a book and we think: I just can't read this anymore.  While I try my very hardest to finish ALL review requests (because I am just like that), when I read a book I chose that has some of these things I just have trouble getting through it.

So for me, I have a couple book pet peeves.
  • Over glorification of God or religion (I mean real religion, not fake fantasy religions) that seems to try to make me feel bad about my own religious beliefs
  • When the protagonist cheats (particularly if he or she is still made out to be a hero)
This post was actually inspired by the second on this list.  Because I recently read a book where the MC cheats and his girlfriend basically forgives him.  I'm sorry but what?  In my world, cheating is not okay.  It's not a forgivable offence because once you do it the first time, it can happen again.  It's not just a reaction or an accident.  It's a serious choice you make.  And still being portrayed as a hero?  It hurts me.  It really does.  Because this is not how relationships should work in the real world.

Most things really don't bother me.  I'm sure there are things that if I came upon them I might be like, "WHAAT NO I CAN'T READ THAT!"  But these are a few of the things that seem to be commonly found that I know I just hate.  And I know it's a matter of personal opinion.  Things that bug me that aren't necessarily in this category of plot could be: super slow pacing, an annoying heroine, one dimensional characters (especially the MC), and others. 

I know there are some other common things that people shy away from in books.
  • Love triangles
  • Rape or excessive violence (okay I'm on the fence with this one. If it has a reason to be there, okay. But if it's just there for shock value...)

Author's can't please everyone.  I know that.  So if there is something that I know is a common pet peeve in a book I'm reviewing, I try to mention that in my review.  It's not that I want to spoil the book, but I would be mad if I bought a book and no one warned me something like that was coming.

What are some of the things you hate to read about? 


  1. I think a lot of us readers share pet peeves so I'd be thankful you warned us if a book contains one. Nice discussion!

  2. Yeah, when the MC cheats and the girlfriend forgives, that would be a major turn off. I don't mind when it's used as a plot device to move the story forward, like he/she cheats and then learns from the mistake in the end after it's ruined the relationship. I don't mind love triangles so much anymore, really. They used to be so prevalent in books that it was annoying and becoming a rather normal pattern, but in more recent books I feel like the triangle has been either twisted in a new way or just dropped completely. And I agree with the rape/excessive violence thing- I hate when it's just used as a shock factor rather than to move the plot forward or when it's treated more lightly than it should be. I feel the same about character deaths- unless the character's death moves the plot forward it shouldn't be there.

    1. I really generally don't mind a good love triangle. Sometimes (a lot) it's done in a stupid way. But as long as it's well done I can get on board with it. I never really thought about character deaths. But I agree. And it's something I need to change about my book. Because a death isn't for shock value, but it doesn't really contribute to the story so yea... Anyway my rambles are done :D