Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Discussion: Getting Bored

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This week I want to talk about getting bored with what you're reading.

I guess this can kind of tie into book slumps.  But sometimes when I read, I find I'm just not engaged in the story.  Sometimes I know that I should be.  Whether there are extenuating life circumstances distracting me, a bad recent book hangover, whatever keeping me from enjoying a new book.  Sometimes it's just something I won't be into no matter what.

Personally, when this happens, I try to avoid slumps at all costs.  I don't want to stop reading.  It happens, but I avoid it.  So what do I do?

If I find myself getting bored with a story for some reason or another, I often put it aside and start something else.  I might decide to go back to it later.  If it's a review book or an ARC, I will definitely try again.  This is my currently reading shelf on goodreads.  You can see I set stuff aside for whatever reason all the time.  I also read more than one book at once.

Now... This can be tricky.  Some people do not like reading more than one thing at once, because they get confused.  Personally, I find that lately I tend to get bored unless I have a full day to devote to reading a single book.  And so I switch off.  I recently started listening to audiobooks,  And so I now try to always have an audiobook that I'm listening to.  Usually, I have two other books that I read as well: a review book and a book on my TBR list.  Right now as I write this post, I am reading two review books, one on my TBR pile, and listening to an audiobook (of course not all literally at the same time!).

Anyway, those are my strategies to avoid getting book bored and getting into slumps.  What about you guys?  Do anything special to keep yourself interested?

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  1. I will put a book down if it's not keeping my interest and often won't pick it back up again unless someone tells me I'm making a mistake ahah - though I always give it a good shot. Like you I tend to read multiple books at once to keep the motivation going, so long as they're not similar/ same genre because otherwise it's not unknown for me to get them mixed up! Anyways, great post, I really enjoyed it :)

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