Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick Update

So, it may have gone noticed that I have some posts coming out late.  And I didn't do a TTT this week.

I'm out of town for my vacation, working on a laptop with a broken keyboard. (the computer is also the reason the covers on the "Currently Reading" and "Next Review" haven't been changed)  Good times.  Anyway, this week is going to be a little rough on me.  I had planned to catch up on my reviews.  I have so many books in my backlog.

It turns out that this week was perfect for working on my WIP.  I haven't had any real serious time before now to sit down and work on it.  I'm finally a little more than halfway through the first draft (which is really bad and needs lots of help).

I have all these ideas floating around in my head for stories.  So I'm having trouble really focusing on my current WIP (which is bad).  ADD and writing don't go well together.

Well, I'm hoping to get my first draft done soon (you know since I finally am halfway through).  Oh wow, random (because I'm ADD and I just say whatever is on my mind) I just got a message on goodreads from Brenda Vicars thanking me for my review.

I have no focus (obviously).  I need to change that.  So this week I am going to try and get to 40k words (not very likely).  After this week, posting should resume as usual.

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  1. Good luck on you WIP. I never seem to be able to make it half way through my own projects (which are terrible for the most part). Have a good time writing!