Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: In the Eyes of Madness by Michael Pang

Title: In the Eyes of Madness
Author: Michael Pang
Publisher: SolaFide Publishing
Release Date: April 30, 2015

A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions. Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she's being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality. What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he's ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he's yet known. In a place, rife with demonic possession and sadistic beings, will Declan finally be able to find the answers he's longed for before its too late or will he succumb to the evil forces that inhabit the institution and all who live there?

So, Declan works in the mental hospital where his mom has been since he was seven years old when she tried to kill him.  He has superhuman strength and speed.  A new guy comes to work and teaches him about demons and possession and the like.

Okay.  This was a pretty interesting premise for the plot.  I had a lot of trouble with this one though.  This book is centered upon religion, mainly Christianity as being accepted as truth.  While I'm okay with books dealing with religion, I felt like this was a little much.  Many of the characters were very preachy about religion.  And of course they ended up being correct.  Because religion is where it's at.

I think I would have enjoyed In the Eyes of Madness a lot more if it hadn't been so focused on religion.  I know that is a personal preference.  So I wouldn't say the book wasn't good.  I just personally didn't enjoy it as much as other people might.

Some things I really enjoyed were the P-borns.  Tristan, Zoe and Declan were all very unique.  And very powerful.  And the concept of who and what they were was really interesting.  

Overall, the plot and some of the characters in the book were really interesting.  If you don't take issues with it being religion-centered, then I would recommend it.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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