Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Lunar Rampage by Samantha Cross

Title: Lunar Rampage
Author: Samantha Cross
Publisher: Summer Solstice
Release Date: May 12, 2015

Photographer, animal lover, and unfortunately for the summer, the new girl in town, Cora Nash considers herself a simple girl. Renovating and living at her grandmother's house seemed like a good idea, until events took a turn for the bizarre. Garbage cans viciously torn into, howls from the woods, wild animals behaving erratically, and an ominous warning from the good looking bad boy, "Stay out the forest."

This seemingly normal town hides a mysterious and violent secret. When one of the townsfolk up and disappears in the forest, leaving nothing but a pair of shoes, Cora is the only person willing to investigate. The answer, however, is nothing she could have ever anticipated, when under a full moon she finds herself face to face with a… werewolf.

If werewolves don’t exist, where did it come from? And… more importantly, who could it be?

I don't read a ton of paranormal YA fiction.  But when I do, I tend to really enjoy it.

I definitely really enjoyed Lunar Rampage.  Hints of romance and lots and lots of werewolves and action.  This was just the book that I needed.

I kept putting this book off because I had so many other things I needed to do.  Now I wish that I hadn't.  It involves the only kind of love triangle I will accept: the kind where two people like one person, but the one person is only interested in one of them.  No flip-flopping back and forth between love interests.  Just some silly obliviousness of the main character not realizing her friend has a crush on her.  Which is amusing.

So enough about the hilariousness of the weirdo love triangle that I think actually worked this one time.  I hated Max the first time we met him.  And I loved Owen.  But as time went on, I started to really like Max.  I mean, I tried to dislike him.  But I just couldn't.  Sure, he killed cute, innocent animals for a living.  But I mean he wasn't doing it for sport, right?  Carnivores gotta get there meat somewhere, right?  Not all people are vegetarians.  So that is I guess a legitimate job.  And his interactions with Cora were funny.  He's surly and kind of mean.  But he's also sweet and the only person that Cora really comes to trust.

I really liked the characters.  Owen, okay I kind of figured out early on what was going to happen with Owen.  It was hinted at pretty strongly.  But I was still pretty upset with everything that eventually happened to him.  And oh my gosh the ending with Max.  I am trying not to give spoilers but it's so hard.  If you like paranormal I think you will probably enjoy this book.  Especially if you enjoy a side romance.  I hope there is a second book coming.  Because I have to know what happens next.

I totally recommend this book.

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and that in no way changes my opinion of this book!

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