Friday, July 17, 2015

The Liebster Award

Thank you Wren at Books in My Suitcase and Welcome to Book City for nominating me!

Here are the Rules

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Nominate at least 3 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • Ask them 11 new questions

1) What's your favorite series?
This constantly changes, but at the moment I'd have to say the Newsoul series by Jodi Meadows.

2) Have you ever met an author? If yes, which one(s)?
Not yet!  I'll be heading out to YALLFest this November, though.  If you're gonna be there, let me know!

3) Who is the funniest author?
Authors are funny???  Okay I don't read many funny books.  I did really like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, though.

4) Do you have any signed books? If yes, which ones?
I have a few.  Of my indy signed books, I have the Benjamin McTish books and Blood Street.  I also have a signed copy of Never Fade by Alex Bracken.  But I'll be at YALLFest (as I said), so I'll have a lot more soon, I'm sure.

5) What book influenced you the most as a kid?
That's hard to say.  When I was little I read a lot.  But I stopped reading around middle school in through high school.  My favorite as a kid was probably the Magic Tree House  series. 

6) Which book world would you like to go into?
The world in Graceling no doubt.  I love the thought of the different graces.

7) What book turned movie did you hate the most?
Probably Divergent?  I'm not sure.  I'm generally not a fan of the adaptations.

8) Ebooks or tangible books?
Tangible.  I find it a lot easier to read paper books.

9) What is your favorite movie in general?
Blade Runner.  I'm a child of the 80s.  I like a lot of older movies and such.

10) What's your favorite TV show in general? 
This may (or may not) shock people but... I don't watch TV.  I have a television.  I do not have cable.  Anything I watch goes through Amazon Prime.  That said, probably Avatar the Last Airbender.  I still love that show so much.

11)Who is your role model?
Sooz for sure.  Also that would be Susan Dennard if you don't know.  Like me, she was a scientist turned writer.  So I look up to her a lot.  Trying to become a writer is not an easy feat.  And I'm still working on it very slowly.

Okay.  I don't know that many people with newer blogs sooooo...

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!  Let me know if you do it, I'd love to read your post!

1) What's the last book you read that you absolutely loved?
2) Are you particularly anxious for a certain book to be released?  Which one?
3) What book do you hate that everyone else loves?
4) Who is your favorite (or one of your favorites) author?
5) What's your favorite place to read?
6) Was there a movie you hated as a kid, but love now?
7) What is a hobby of yours (other than blogging and reading)?
8) Is there a book to movie adaptation you would really like to see?
9) What's your favorite thing about blogging?
10) Cats or Dogs?
11) What food can you not live without?

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