Friday, March 11, 2016

10 bookish things I'd give a kidney for

March 10th was World Kidney Day.  So what bookish things would I give a kidney for??

First on my list is these amazing stair decals on Etsy. Clicky the picture to bring you to the page.
Book Decals for Stair Risers-priced/step
My townhome could use some sprucing up (okay a lot of sprucing up). I've been working on getting it in better shape for over a year. And book stair decals would just be awesome!

The next thing on my list would be some amazing shelves.  I don't mean fancy (I must be the only person that doesn't like fancy shelves).  Just like wall to wall bookshelves that could encircle an entire room.  Because I would totally have a place for those, right? lol

Create something today even if it sucks Wall Clock
What about a clock that's always reminding me I need o write? Yea I could use one of those.

Or literally everything I could get this in:

What are some bookish items you'd give a kidney for?


  1. Ooh I love this! The stair decals are just amazing and definitely something I'd want in my own home if I had wooden stairs like that <3 that clock is also brilliant (I've been in need of a clock for the longest time so that actually looks perfect! I'll be checking it out now so thanks so much for sharing!)
    Enchanted by YA

  2. I too dream of wall to wall bookshelves, hopefully both of our dreams come true someday. :)

  3. Wall to wall bookshelves are my dream! We have our own mini library because my daughter refuses to sleep in her bedroom so we made it into a library. I love it, but I dream of have floor to ceiling Ikea shelves throughout...itʻs the simple things, really.

  4. THESE ARE SO PRETTY! I'd give my kidney to be the people that produce stuff for Society6, because FREE STUFF. My life will be complete! Or, you know, ANYTHING Harry Potter!

    Aditi @

  5. Evie's designs are amazing and even though I haven't read The Darkest Minds yet I really want that art print!