Monday, March 14, 2016

Totally Should've Book Tag

Today (I can't seem to type that without a typo) for our blogging extravaganza is a book tag.  So I found one that I haven't done yet.  The Totally Should've Book Tag is a youtube original from emmabooks.

1) Totally Should've Gotten a Sequel
I don't know if I'm cheating here since it's the second book in what is supposed to be a trilogy but... The Infinite by Lori M. Lee. It was planned as a trilogy, but the third book is still ??? most likely because of the publisher. If you're not familiar with it, this is the Gates of Thread and Stone series.

2) Totally Should've Had a Spin-off Series
I'm honestly not one that reads much for spin-offs.  I've heard amazing things about Six of Crows (no I still haven't read it) which is a spin-off of the Grisha series. But other than that, I'm just not really into it.  I like to see what other things the author can bring me that is in a different world.

3) An Author Who Totally Should Write More Books
Well now this is a tough one.  Especially since I have a crap ton on my TBR already.  Okay.  I got it.  George R.R. Martin. Because I need The Winds of Winter and WHY IS IT NOT DONE YET!

4) A Character Who Totally Should've Ended Up With Someone Else
Spoiler: Alina from the Grisha Trilogy. I don't think I need to say much about this because I have complained about it in pretty much every tag.

5) Totally Should've Ended Differently
If you've been living under a rock for the last few years, then stop reading.  Because I'm about to complain about Allegiant.  After thinking about everything for a couple years (lol) I have no issue with the overall outcome (I guess).  My issue is how it happened and that it just didn't make sense.  Frankly, this book was just... You know what? This book didn't even happen. It's like Highlander 2 that it just doesn't exist.  Nope. It never happened.

6) Totally Should've Had a Movie Franchise
So many books would make epic movies.  But my first thought was again the Grisha Trilogy (Throne of Glass was optioned for a TV show so I can't say it).  It's dark and magical.  And it has my favorite villain of all time.

7) Totally Should've Had a TV Show
Again, Throne of Glass has been optioned for TV.  So I cannot give that as my answer.  
Okay even though it hasn't finished yet... the Falling Kingdoms series. It's amazing and it's going to be six books long and I'm obsessed!  I love this series so much and I can't wait for the fifth book to come out in December.  The four different protagonists and many different POVs would make such an excellent and diverse cast.  I'll just sit here and wait patiently.

8) Totally Should've Had Only One POV
Allegiant (as linked above).  This book, in my opinion, was a mess.  Don't jump down my throat if you liked it.  I'm entitled to my own opinions.  But I had so much trouble telling the difference between the two voices.  I was often reading from Four's perspective and thought I was reading Tris and would get so confused in the middle of the chapter.  I feel like this was something that should have been fixed before the book was published, because I know I'm not the only one who had this issue.

9) Totally Should Have a Cover Change
Outlander (Outlander, #1)
I haven't even read this book yet.  And I do own it.  But the cover?  It's just blah.  Like I would never pick this up if I hadn't heard so many amazing things about it.

10) Totally Should've Kept the Original Covers
I may be cheating a bit because I pick A Book of Spirits and Thieves. Technically, the cover change happened before the first book even came out.  But the original cover is on the ARCs and on the audiobook.  
A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves, #1)
New cover.
A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirits and Thieves, #1)
Original Cover
I love that you can see Mytica through the window.

11) Totally Should've Stopped at Book One
This may be fairly obvious from my other answer but... The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth.  The second book wasn't terrible.  But the last one basically ruined the series and I wish I could unread it and go back to having only read the first one.  

Of course if I didn't tag you and you want to do the tag go right ahead and let me know! I'd love to see everyone's answers :)


  1. Great tag, I could not agree with you more about Allegiant (that series definitely should have stopped after one book.)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! And yeah, I agree with your thoughts on the Divergent series completely, though I must disagree with Book of Spirits and Thieves- I'm a bigger fan of the final cover though I do think they both look nice :)

  3. Awesome tag (thanks for tagging me by the way!) and even more awesome answers :D your'e not the only one that disliked *cough*hated and wanted to burn*cough* Allegiant. Rather than pretending it doesn't exist I'd have preferred the series to stop at one book with a more rounded ending... I also would have liked Alina to end up with someone else *cough*my villain boyfriend*cough* XD
    Enchanted by YA

  4. Six of Crows is VERY good. Since you liked the Grisha trilogy, you should definitely read it soon. Also, I agree with the "ended up with the wrong person" part. lol And I agree with the cover of Outlander. It definitely is NOT a book I would pick up if I had heard nothing about it >.<

    Here is my Unpopular Opinions Tag for this challenge :)
    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook