Friday, March 18, 2016

Character Dating Profile: Magnus Damora

As part of today's Get Up Offa That Slump post, I'm submitting a character dating profile (and I must say I really love this idea, I might need to do more of these at another time).

Today's unlucky participant it Magnus Lukas Damora from the Falling Kingdoms series.

Name: Magnus Lukas Damora

Note: I literally just took this off Morgan Rhodes' tumblr as her fancast for Magnus. Ben Barnes is so pretty.

Title: Prince of Blood, Prince of Limeros, Prince of Mytica

Age: 18

Nationality: Limeros

Height: 6'1"-ish.  I'm tall.  Probably taller than you.

Physical Description: Tall and muscular, dark hair, scar running from my ear to my mouth

Personality: Sarcastic and sassy, can seem cruel when I'm trying to please my father, have a compassionate side I often try to hide

Hidden Talents: Excellent archer and artist

Likes: My sister: Lucia. Cold Limerian weather, Cleiona Bellos, drawing, Paelsian wine

Dislikes: Cleiona Bellos, my father, Alexius, Nicolo Cassian, random killing, Auranos

Things that make me happy: ...

About: I'm looking for someone to distract me from my unfortunate thoughts about my adopted sister.  She should be named after an evil goddess and pick fights with me daily.  It would be best if she were good at hiding her feelings from me and were a good liar.  Even better is if she worked with the rebellion.  Nothing like a few attempts on your life to stir the romance, right?  Bonus points if I end up saving your life once or twice.

To learn more about Magnus, check out Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes.

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